Native New Yorker, Bernard H. Cohen, was a nationally-known education researcher, author and consultant to over 400 school systems and organizations such as National Geographic and Sesame Street after teaching and supervising at all levels of education. He taught graduate courses and seminars in Reading Instruction, ESL, Bilingual Education, and Student Testing at Rhode Island College, Columbia University, St. Thomas Aquinas and Georgian Court College. 

        Mr. Cohen left public education to start and lead Bernard Cohen Research and Development, Inc., a firm which evaluated school programs from Caribou, Maine to San Jose, California. With these data-based experiences, Cohen sold his business interests after fifteen years of school evaluations and returned to public education in New York City to serve as the Director of Curriculum on a take-over team that successfully turned-around three of New York City’s failing districts and dozens of its’ schools. He then served as New York City Director of Professional Development.

        From New York City, Cohen went to lead the then-failing upstate high school that is the venue for Behind The Schoolhouse Doors. After four successful years as principal, he was forced to battle his boss, the School Superintendent because Cohen thought the Superintendent was having an illicit relationship with one of his students.

        After winning the fight against his boss, who landed in jail for five years, Cohen retired from education and returned to his first passion, acting.

        Now known as the actor, "Bern Cohen," the former-principal can be seen in over 40 films, including scenes with Sean Penn, Jesse Eisenberg and other super-stars. Most recently, he starred opposite Isaiah Washington and Vivica A. Fox in "Doctor Belloand with Henry Ian Cusick in “Frank vs. God.”  For the latest information on Bern Cohen’s film work visit

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