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The true story of a sexual deviant, his 12-year old 
victim and the educators who defy authority and
 work with police to catch the perpetrator, their 
School District Superintendent.

 Though some suspect an illicit relationship,
 the Superintendent’s Jekyll-Hyde persona
 fools an entire community.  

Bernard H. Cohen, the boy's high school principal, chronicles the psychological details and political obstacles he and others face during the 18-month effort to save the child, which also leads to the Superintendent’s 5-year jailing.

A must-read for parents and teachers
 to combat school-based abuse
Interview with author, Bernard H. Cohen
Book regarding child sex abuse
HomeAbout the AuthorMedia Coverage of CasePurchase BookContact Us

Bernard H. Cohen discusses his
 book with Richard Gandon 
(Ramapo Times Rockland Star) on 
Rockland County's Radio Station 
WRCR AM 1300
 Raymour and Flannigan
 Community News Lunch Hour 
Tuesday, January 28th.